Web Resources

This page contains some of my favorite web tools and resources that I use everyday. For those of you who would prefer to take on the digital world by yourself, I hope you are able to find something useful here!

Social Media and Blogging

Canva.com - My go to tool for content design and creation. The standard service is free, but I use the premium version for custom fonts and image resizes.

Pexels.com - Pexels has an awesome database of modern stock photography, and its all free. I find images for websites and social media posts, and it saves me money, I always check for usable photos here first. If you can't find what you are looking for, check out the Who Is Hosting This Free Stock Blog with nearly 100 other options.

Facebook Business Manager - This is a Facebook tool that allows you to manage multiple pages and ad accounts. It can be a big time-saver for Facebook admins like me with many things going on at once.

Stock Photography

Whenever I need a specific image that cannot be found for free, these are the websites I check first. All these sites are based in Wisconsin, have a great variety of content, and provide awesome customer service.




Website Maintenance Tools

WordPress.org - WordPress is my go-to software for creating websites due to its ease of use and functionality.

HostGator.com - There are seemingly thousands of hosting providers, but I use HostGator. I like their chat support, and they have never given my a reason to switch.

SiteOrigin.com - Of all the WordPress plugins, the SiteOrigin bundle is one of my absolute favorites. It make controlling the flow of your designs extremely easy, and provides great templates too.

SEO Resources

SEMrush - The do-it-all package of programs that handles all SEO needs. Every website we maintain at KCM is supported through our SEMrush access.

Yoast.com - Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin on WordPress, and it makes monitoring your pages and editing your keywords easy and efficient.

Varvy.com - This is a great free resource that checks certain SEO factors such as security, page speed, and mobile accessibility.