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Many businesses approach social media services as another opportunity to promote and sell. While this strategy may seem like the best method to drive sales, social media is not designed as an advertising platform. Social media users are not surfing to take in advertisements. They log on for entertainment. This is why strong media strategies require non-promotional branding content. The majority of your social media content should not be promoting your products. It should encourage conversation and engagement from your audience. While the end goal of our social media services may be to drive your sales, create awareness, or build loyalty, it is important to first establish the platform as a tool to communicate naturally. When it is time to educate them on your offerings, your audience will often take your promotional content more seriously.

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Your target audience plays a key role when deciding what media platforms to focus on. In order to get the most out of our social media packages, it is important that we focus on websites where your customers are spending their time. With our clients, we first narrow down both their targets and end goals. Then, we create strategies for the platforms that align with these targets and goals. At KCM, we are fluent with all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However we are also capable of managing more promotion-based business platforms like Etsy, Ebay, and Facebook Ads. Once we understand what you are looking to receive from our social media services, we can help decide where your resources are best allocated.

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Digital content enhances your business and is a necessary tool to succeed in the online space. Through content creation, we not only build your brand, but help establish your company as a leader in engagement and product education. The end goal of our content creation is to nurture relationships with potential customers and build reputation. We do this through blogging services,  digital marketing campaigns, and other non-promotional methods that allow you to express your knowledge industry. 

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At KCM, we create a level of content for all of our clients.  However, our premium clients receive frequent blog posts, ideas and management of digital marketing campaigns, physical marketing designs, and much more. We use our expertise in the digital space and combine it with your knowledge of your business and industry. This relationship allows us to build content that is both engaging and targeted to your audience.

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Our website designs remain sleek, simple, mobile-responsive, and easy to navigate. At KCM, we are big on driving social engagement and maintaining search engine optimization. So our websites are built with content creation in mind. While we may not be a large-scale website provider, we are very comfortable providing design and hosting services to handle nearly all business needs. We use WordPress to design each layout, and we host all of our websites securely through our account on HostGator. While websites often act as a digital storefront, it can be difficult to replicate the atmosphere of a walking into your store. At KCM, we are dedicated to providing you with a website that relates with the feel of your store and business. Our website are designed to express personality, and built to share content for an audience.

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If you are looking for a website to act as the primary component of your operation, KCM and our services will not be the best fit for you. But if you are looking to build a website that acts an integral extension of your business, then our packages can absolutely provide value for you. At the end of the day, organic relationships are often made in the physical space. At KCM, we will build you a website that is able to nurture and strengthen these relationships with a digital component. Whether you want to increase web traffic, educate your audience, or offer an additional sales platform, KCM's website services can help you achieve these goals.  

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When allocating resources for your digital platforms, it is important to make sure your content can be found. Search engines reward websites with a certain type of organization and formatting. If Google can easily find and learn about your pages, they present those pages earlier in their searches. All of our website packages include basic SEO services. These give your website the best chance of being organically. Businesses often disregard or completely ignore SEO services because monitoring optimization progress can be tricky. Good results require patience and diligence. However, SEO skills are necessary for building and maintaining a highly-ranked website.

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Search engines take a number of factors into account when ranking websites. These factors are often hard to monitor and are changing constantly. Unfortunately, SEO can be tricky for many businesses, especially for those who don't have time to. But these skills are necessary for successful digital expansions. At KCM, we offer both standard and premium SEO packages to help your website rank higher on search engines. Our standard SEO package focuses on website organization and design. This includes internal factors, such as page organization and keyword choices. With our premium package, we still correct any internal problems with your website. But we also monitor external websites to see where your information is being linked. Search engines organize websites as a web of links. Generally speaking, your website will rank higher as it appears in more quality locations on the internet.

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With the huge amount of emails people receive each day, it is important to know how to stand out, improve your email open-rate, and provide value to your readers. At KCM, we believe it extremely important to segment your email list based on your audiences' hobbies, gender, behaviors, and products and services they purchase from you. By using opt-in forms and targeting, you can improve your rate of success by allowing your readers to choose what information they receive from you. Some recipients may only be interested in receiving content on a certain product line, others may want to see everything you have to send! If you try to shape an email that talks to everyone in your list, it's likely that you'll end up sending something that no one will hear. In order to achieve higher conversion rates and convert your email lists into transactions, it is important to segment your readers and send content based on their individual characteristics. 

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At KCM, we'll take care of uploading your email list and creating segmentation based off behavior. We can also help persuade any social followers you have to subscribe to your email list. However, the best thing you can do to succeed with lead generation is to make it a point to collect emails from your customers when they visit or make a purchase. While it may take a bit of a culture change across your salespeople, it is important to collect this data in order to build and nurture these relationships from a digital standpoint.  

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